Basic Flavors

Basic Cake Flavors

Mix and match cake, fillings and frostings to make your own custom cupcakes.

Cake Flavors:
White Almond-Most popular cake. Super moist and full of flavor.
Chocolate: Need I say more
Strawberry: Moist cake with strawberries in the mix.
Marble: White almond and Chocolate marbled together.
Lemon: goes great with Raspberry Fluff!

Bavarian chocolate or vanilla, strawberry, lemon, banana, cream cheese, raspberry, raspberry fluff, coconut, chocolate or strawberry buttercream, and oreo fluff.

Buttercream, Bettercreme (non-dairy whipped icing), chocolate butter cream, strawberry buttercream or fondant. All fondant covered cakes have a normal layer of butter cream underneath them.

Popular Basic combos:

  • White almond+raspberry filling+buttercream=White with raspberry
  • Chocolate+Oreo+Bettercreme= Cookies and cream
  • Chocolate+chocolate+chocolate buttercream=Chocolate Supreme
  • Lemon+raspberry fluff+bettercreme=Raspberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry+Cream cheese filling+Strawberry Buttercream= Strawberry Shortcake
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