Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a cake?

You may call or email me to order a cake. Unless you want a basic, simple sheet cake I suggest we talk about your design first.

How much will my cake cost?

I have basic pricing for sizes, then we need to figure out any additional charges for: hand modeling, gumpaste flowers, special requests, delivery charges.

Where are you located?

611 College Ave
Lake Wilson, MN 56151

Can I request a specific cake?

If you have a picture of a cake and would like me to replicate it, please email it to me and we can then discuss the design.

Are You Licensed?

Yes, the “house” that we work out of has been extensively remodeled into a commercial kitchen and bridal consult area. We are fully licensed by the Dept of Ag in Minnesota and have met all requirements at our past inspection. Most venues will require that all food brought in be made in a licensed facility, which we proudly are!! In Minnesota, it is NOT allowed to bake out of your personal kitchen for resale.

Do you ever have sales or special offers?

Yes! I occasionally offer coupon codes or special offers to my clients that join my EMAILING LIST! Sign up to have these offers delivered straight to your inbox!


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